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"It's NEVER Too Late to Live Your Best Life!"- Dr. Christine Sauer

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SparkleSisters Community

We Are  #SparkleSisters!

The #SparkleSisters are a safe and supportive exclusive community for ambitious women who want to get from feeling alone and discouraged to seeing their eyes sparkle and having a spring in their step.

Where everyone will support you, celebrate your successes with you and hold you accountable to achieve your goals.

Together, As #SparkleSisters,

We Will Create A Brighter Future For Us, Our Children And Our Fellow Sisters and Brothers In This World.


  • Laugh together
  • Share together
  • Cry Together
  • Learn together
  • Support Each Other

Together, Let’s Ignite a Fire of Hope and Love

All it takes is one Spark !

Our Mission

A Brighter Future For Ourselves, Our Children And The World as a Whole

Our Passion

Helping Us and Others Become Better People and Succeed in Work and Life

Our Community

Built with Love for Women who want to Brighten Our World Together

What #SparkleSisters Believe in

  • Loving Life
  • Loving Positivity
  • Loving Creativity
  • Loving To Explore New Things
  • Loving Beauty in Us, Others, Nature and the Things around Us
  • Thinking Deeply 
  • Sharing our Truth
  • Improving The Status Quo
  • Working Hard to Create Our Best Future – for Us and Those Who We Love

What #SparkleSisters Do:


  • Take Action to Co-Create a Better World and a Better Life for All
  • Learn from our Past to Create a Brighter Future
  • Live Forward With Faith, Hope, Love and Courage
  • Support Others In Doing The Same
SparkleSisters Community

Dear #SparkleSister!

We are just starting to build this community. For a limited Time, LIFETIME Membership is FREE. We will be adding different membership levels, adding resources, events and so much more later.

For those who decide to join us early, you will get special benefits like bi-weekly (or more frequent) inspirational and fun #SparkleSisters Sharing Sessions that later will only be available for paid members.

For those who want to actively help us to build this community, there will be a limited amount of FREE Founder's LIFETIME Memberships available. Please indicate your interest in the message box below - or reply to one of our emails!

Thank you for supporting this amazing community!

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SparkleSisters Community
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